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Three Wishes For A Princess (1 minute)

If you do one thing today, watch this moving clip captured by Richard Bolland from the Common Ground New Hope Street and Shelter Ministry team.

Here’s what this lady, who wishes to remain anonymous, had to say when asked what she would want if she had three wishes…

For more info on how to get involved in the street and shelter ministry, email You can also check out the Common Ground New Hope Facebook page here!

Mashudu’s story

In this month’s update from the street and shelter ministry, we take a moment to praise the work God is doing in the lives of people, like Mashudu, through this team. Read on!

Mashudu at one of the street and shelter ministry meetings in Wynberg

When starting the street and shelter ministry little over a year ago, one of the first people we came across was a man by the name of Mashudu. Over the past year, we have had the privilege of witnessing the work of the Lord in his life in amazing ways.

Mashudu (also known as “Lucky”) found himself on the streets of Cape Town after leaving his home town in Limpopo. The reason for him leaving was to seek employment in a “bigger” city in which he thought employment would be readily available to him. Like many South Africans, Mashudu struggled to find basic employment. This was simply because of his lack  of tertiary education and communication skills. Without any income Mashudu struggled to provide for his basic needs of food and housing.

As a street and shelter ministry team we were able to share the gospel with Mashudu. Mashudu made the decision to follow Christ and found a new hope that had no end. We found space available in the Kensington Haven Night Shelter, where the basic needs of Mashudu could be met. We so loved observing the growth taking place in Mashudu’s life. It was such a privilege to witness God maturing him with a Christ-centred perspective through all of his circumstances. Mashudu, while attending Common Ground Church, also had the privilege of taking part in Network. Network is an organisation that aids people with developing basic job skills in order to find employment.

Mashudu’s baptism last year

After seeking employment for many months, Mashudu found work in a security company and was able to find adequate income. After some time he was then able to find a more secure form of employment through a different security company where he now currently works. Mashudu is staying in Wynberg at the moment and is part of the Common Ground Church Wynberg congregation.

The most encouraging part of this story is that Mashudu still relies on Jesus Christ as his provider and has found treasure in walking with his heavenly father. This transformation has allowed him to find his security in Jesus and not in employment, no matter what circumstances may arise.

Please leave a comment of encouragement for this team. For more info on the street and shelter ministry, visit their Facebook page.

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