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Who is Your Hero?

Chances are your childhood hero was either a famous sportsperson, celebrity actor, or acclaimed scholar, right? The World makes much of the rich and famous, celebrating success, excess and triviality, but as Christ-followers, we need to ask, “Who would Jesus be hailing as the real heroes?”

You won’t find them on the sports field or big screen, but the carers who look after the physically and emotionally wounded, providing encouragement and assistance to the ill, destitute, elderly and vulnerable, are the unsung heroes of our communities – and we think it”s about time they were celebrated for the amazing work they do! (Click here to watch our video which gives a glimpse into the life of a carer from Westlake)

On Sat, 15 September, Common Ground Church will be hosting 160 carers at an event to celebrate and honour the dedicated individuals who serve Cape Town’s most vulnerable. At the event, carers will be treated to inspirational talks, delicious snacks, gifts, and entertainment from dance and music performers. Our hope is that they will leave feeling encouraged, acknowledged and blessed.

So, the big question: “How can I get involved?”

There are two main ways you can support this event:

1. You can purchase a gift bag for R100. This will cover the cost for a carer to attend the event. Inside the bag, you’ll find the profile of your carer to help you pray for them, write them an encouraging card, and fill their gift bag with treats to the value of R80. (That means the total cost of this option will be R180. You can pitch in as a group to cover this cost, or do it as an individual)

2. You can also sign up to volunteer at the event. You will need to be available to serve on Saturday, 15 September, from 09h00 to 13h00. You can volunteer as a member of the events team, as a table host, or as a driver (to transport carers to and from the venue).

This is such a great way to serve those who give their lives in service to others.

Visit for more info. If you’re interested in getting involved, sign up at the Common Good involvement desk after Sunday meetings, or fill in the contact form below:

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Love doesn’t cost a thing

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Are we more willing to open our wallets than our hearts? By Anneke Jagau

One of my first student jobs in the Netherlands was working as a fundraiser for a big international development organization. My job was to  ‘attack’ people on their stroll through the mall with graphic images of poverty. Swollen bellies, torn clothes, desperate eyes. The kinds of disturbing, stomach-twisting images that have frequently been used by non-profit organisations to stir up emotion and full the fundraising coffers.

My favourite people to ‘attack’ were those with burgers, milkshakes or any other kind of fast-food in their hands. I would play the guilt trick by asking them if they knew how much they could do for someone living in poverty with the money from that  drink or burger. I would tell them, holding my placard, that if they could afford to spend their money on expensive fast-food, they could surely afford to give 5 euros to help someone in the  developing world. Often they would sign up, generally just to get rid of me or get rid of their guilt.

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