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When We’re Obedient to His Whispers

On a recent trip to the shopping centre, Dave and Heather Pendrigh learned just what God can do when we listen to Him.

Our kettle stopped boiling water and being the R100 bargain never-to-be-repaired type, the only solution was to replace it with a new  one. So one Tuesday morning Heather and I set out for Kenilworth Centre, and Clicks was our first port of call.

We spied a kettle we liked and  decided to price the same make at Game. While we were in Clicks,  we noticed an elderly lady also looking at kettles. She seemed to have chosen one but picked it up and then put it down again.

We walked off to Game, found our chosen kettle at a cheaper price bought it and left the store. All the while the picture of the lady and the kettles at Dions was niggling at the back of my mind. It just wouldn’t go away.

So back to Dions we went, and she was still standing there. We approached her and asked if we could bless her with a new kettle.

Tears welled up in her eyes and she related to us that for three months she had been without a kettle and that today God had prompted her to go to the shop even though she did not have the money to buy one. She quoted Philippians 4 v 19-20: “And my God will supply all your needs according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus.” She concluded with, “now unto God and our Father be Glory for ever and ever.” We each hugged her and left with tears in our eyes.

Thank you Jesus.

– Dave and Heather serve on the eldership team of the Common Ground Rondebosch AM congregation. 

(Photograph by Dan Pupius, via

In the image of Country Road or the Creator?

Common Grounder, Kerith P. shares her honest and heartfelt story of obedience to God’s calling during the Warm Up Winter campaign.  Obedience isn’t always easy, but ,as Kerith found out, it’s full of joy on the other side.

It all began at the Champs meeting last month.  While discussing the Warm Up Winter campaign, I began wrestling with what God was really calling me to give.  I felt as though He might be challenging me give up something I held very close to my heart: my monthly clothing allowance.

Now this might not seem  like a huge deal to everyone but I’m sure there are a couple of girls (and guys) out there who would understand exactly how this made me feel. Could He really be asking me to do that?  But as the meeting went on, I continued to feel God’s tug on my heart and then someone else shared exactly what I was thinking.  Could He be any clearer?

At our small group that week, I mustered up the courage to share my thoughts with everyone. “I feel like God is calling me to give up my clothing allowance this month,” I shared with the group.  After it was verbalized, I actually had a bit of cry.  It was an emotional thing because clothing is such a big deal for me.  I pride myself on being a designer so I feel there’s a certain expectation on how I should dress to live up to that ‘cool factor’.  It was tough knowing I had to give that up.

I went away excited and challenged after mobilizing my whole small group to get involved.  And then it hit me. I had seen this jersey in the shop over the weekend and I thought to myself, “Flip! That’s the amount I need to give up for Warm Up Winter.”  And the struggle continued…“I really like this jersey and I’ve got some very nice pants in my cupboard.  I’m sure I can just give them instead and then go buy that jersey, right?”

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