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Pray as We Respond to God’s Mission

This month’s newsletter looks at how we reconcile evangelism and social justice. Join us as we pray for greater wisdom and guidance as we respond to God’s mission of redeeming and restoring people spiritually and physically. By Lindsay Sherring

Photo Credit: Raymond Larose via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: Raymond Larose via Compfight cc

Did you know that you are part of God’s big mission?  Yes, you!  It may be difficult to comprehend that God in His infinite wisdom has picked you to carry out His mission to the world, but He has.  You might be asking, “What exactly does that mean?”  God’s mission is so multi-faceted, but at the core He calls us to share His incredible goodness to those around us.  This not only includes sharing His word through evangelism, but also meeting people’s economic and social needs through service.  The two go hand-in-hand!

As Christ-followers, God has given us great motivation to carry out His mission – He gave His only son so that our sins could be forgiven and we could be reconciled with Him forever. It is out of this place of gratefulness that we should carry out His mission.  How exciting it is to be part of His work!

This month, please pray:

  • That you have a deeper revelation of God’s goodness and love

It can be easy to slip into carrying out God’s mission out of a place of obligation or guilt, but that’s not what God wants from us.  Our motivation should come from our realisation of God’s goodness and from an understanding of the weight of what He’s done for us. Pray that your actions come out of a place of revelation and understanding, not of guilt.

  • That you show God’s goodness to everyone

When God asks us to show His goodness to people, He doesn’t mean only the vulnerable.  We are to proclaim His goodness to anyone and everyone that comes across our path.  As you go through this month, pray that your eyes would be opened to the needs of those around you in the many situations that you encounter.

  • That the church as a whole would understand God’s heart

It can be easy to forget that the church doesn’t have a mission, the mission has a church.  Ultimately, the body of Christ is to carry out God’s heart, not any specific agenda.  His desire is that we incorporate evangelism and social justice as we carry out His mission.  Pray that the hearts of individuals and leaders would be tuned to God’s heart and His mission for their lives.

  • That we participate in God’s mission

Reading about God’s mission and doing something about it are two different things. If we become a people who are all talk and no action, our message of Christ’s love loses all credibility. Pray that you feel convicted to courageously carry out the mission of God.  Ask God what this looks like in your own life and then seek to live accordingly.


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