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Volunteer Q&A: Hospital Ministry


Name: Dean Kietzmann

Congregation: Rondebosch PM

Occupation: Assistance Compliance Officer at an investment company

What sparked your interest or drew you to this initiative?

I was drawn to the concept of Hospital or Hospice Ministry towards the end of 2011 while watching Di and Nathan Gernetzsky’s journey through Di’s terminal cancer. While it must have been an incredibly painful time for them and their family, I couldn’t help but notice how blessed they both were to know Jesus, and for the love and support they received as the community rallied around them. As Rigby Wallace put it in one of the meetings, “We are helping a young woman walk her final road to be with God.” I began to reflect on how many people facing death don’t know Jesus, or don’t have someone to walk this final road with them. After chatting it through with a few elders and friends, “Hospital Ministry”, for want of a better name, was born early last year.

Can you tell us a bit about how you serve in Hospital Ministry?

A group of us meet every Thursday at Booth Memorial Hospital in Oranjezicht, Cape Town. We then split up and go and meet patients in various wards. We try spend at least 20 minutes or so with each patient we see, chatting to them, sharing the gospel, praying for them if they allow and generally trying to love them the way Jesus does. We try see the same patients from week to week to build relationships with them. We pray for the staff too.

What has been the most fulfilling part of your experience?

To pick one particular experience is very difficult. A constant theme, though, that everyone who has done Hospital Ministry has picked up on, is that we always seem to walk out more blessed than when we walked in. Our intention is to pour ourselves spiritually into the patients we see, and yet we regularly emerge more spiritually filled than when we walked in. We have seen countless miracles, broken lives made new, the sick healed, and the wandering and lost reunited to the Father.

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How The Hospital Ministry Changed My Life


“Hospital Ministry has opened my heart to Jesus much more than I believed it ever could be. It has given me the strength to believe in myself. It has inspired me to read the Gospels, and has brought me peace and calmness in my heart knowing God will be there for me today and tomorrow. It has made the Gospel alive to me, showing me how God is working in my own life and how the Bible relates to my life. I am so excited for my new life with Jesus.”

– John* is a  33-year-old ex-Heroin addict who arrived at Booth Memorial Hospital about 9 weeks ago with septicemia all over his legs after spending months on the streets. John is HIV+ and his leg has been permanently damaged by the septicemia meaning that he will most likely never walk properly again.

But if you spend just a few minutes with him, you will see a life that has been radically touched by the Gospel. Spend a few minutes praying with him and you will know without a doubt that this man has a deep love for and a very real relationship with Jesus.

John has no idea where he is going next but he has unwavering faith and trust that God is going before him and God is going with him, and that no matter where he lands up, he knows that God will protect him and provide for him.

Love from the Hospital Ministry team

– The Hospital Ministry meets on Thursdays from 18:40 to 20:00 at Booth Memorial Hospital in Oranjezicht, Cape Town. If you’re interested in joining them, email

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