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Photo of the month

“This photo was taken in late December 2010, in the heart of Manenberg, Cape Town.  It was taken from a series of stills that were shot as part of a documentary made by the Fusion Project, run through an NGO called The Warehouse.  That day we met people on the street and we went into people’s homes, chatting to them about the biggest struggles they face as a community; how gangsterism and drugs affect their lives and what they would like to see change.  It was an emotional roller coaster ranging from the seemingly happy children kicking torn up old soccer balls around the streets to the despair on a mothers face as she described the pain of losing two sons and a husband to the combined effects of gangs and drug abuse.  Manenberg is a suburb that is desperate for change, desperate for help and desperate for God.” – Nick Key, 27, photographer and film maker

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