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How The Hospital Ministry Changed My Life


“Hospital Ministry has opened my heart to Jesus much more than I believed it ever could be. It has given me the strength to believe in myself. It has inspired me to read the Gospels, and has brought me peace and calmness in my heart knowing God will be there for me today and tomorrow. It has made the Gospel alive to me, showing me how God is working in my own life and how the Bible relates to my life. I am so excited for my new life with Jesus.”

– John* is a  33-year-old ex-Heroin addict who arrived at Booth Memorial Hospital about 9 weeks ago with septicemia all over his legs after spending months on the streets. John is HIV+ and his leg has been permanently damaged by the septicemia meaning that he will most likely never walk properly again.

But if you spend just a few minutes with him, you will see a life that has been radically touched by the Gospel. Spend a few minutes praying with him and you will know without a doubt that this man has a deep love for and a very real relationship with Jesus.

John has no idea where he is going next but he has unwavering faith and trust that God is going before him and God is going with him, and that no matter where he lands up, he knows that God will protect him and provide for him.

Love from the Hospital Ministry team

– The Hospital Ministry meets on Thursdays from 18:40 to 20:00 at Booth Memorial Hospital in Oranjezicht, Cape Town. If you’re interested in joining them, email

Learning to live on less

Kirsten and her husband Roan with their three children (aged 3, 5 and 7)

Kirsten Wilkins shares the impact the Live Under the Line Challenge had on her family.

Our family was really struggling financially at the time of the last LUTL challenge. We had just closed down our business and the last thing we were able to spend money on was the kind of food we had been used to. We were making a lot of changes, but when the LUTL Challenge came around it helped us to kick into another gear altogether.

Our home group leader at the time prompted us to extend the 3 days to 7 days – his mantra of ‘push harder, go further’ is amazing. ‘Sure, why not?’ I thought. To achieve this, we needed to look at our whole week’s budget, meal planning and shopping behavior. It was really hard work initially, but with God’s grace we managed. A whole week under the line was a success!

For just about every week since then we have followed this programme. We have had a few wobbles along the way but we strive to live under the line everyday. After about 3 months, we increased out budget to R60/day. That is R12/person/day and through God’s provision we are able to keep it there. We have a great meal planning system which we never had before and my hubby is really happy that I now actually stick to it. What an adventure!

God’s grace has been so obvious and incredible during this time. Everything from people giving us groceries to willing and talented people showing me how to cook them all! (Sorry, Woolworths, we can’t be friends again!) This month, we’re taking the next step. At R12/day options can be a bit limited but I feel very compelled by God to look more closely at what we are eating from a nutritional point of view. Of course, you try and make the best decisions possible, but our home group leader’s encouragement to push harder is ringing afresh in my ears.

So this month our family is cutting out wheat. *Gasp* Under The Line with no cheap starch?! We’re on day 6 and doing great. The bottom line is that everything just takes a little longer and is a little more effort but it is possible. I love to see God’s encouragement through our three young children as they see and accept how important stewardship is of our finances and our bodies. By God’s grace we’ll have even more awesome stories to tell of how He is changing the way we live, think and spend all that He has blessed us with.

The Live Under the Line Challenge was life changing for our family and continues to impact us as we push through a season of major financial upheaval. I thank God for His consistent and amazingly personal, caring and individualized provision. I long to be a better steward of all that He has blessed us with. I can’t help but think of those families who live on R10/day, unsure of whether there will be R10 tomorrow.

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