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What We’re Grateful For…


Last week, we spent some time as a team finishing this very simple sentence…

I’m so grateful for…

“….the number of people who have come through NETwork’s job readiness programme and who have been transformed by the gospel in the process. And for the number of employment opportunities that God has opened up through NETwork. After this year, I am so aware that God is able to do anything!” – Andre Ntambwe, NETwork founder

“… the team of people we get to work with. It’s an incredible group of men and women who know God and are servant-hearted and dedicated to seeing God’s kingdom come to earth.” – Anneli Lenhardt, Common Good Programme Manager

“…the hearts that have been changed this year. From all the conversations that I’ve had with people – from Common Grounders to Champs – there’s been such a heart-shift. And for all the people who have used their skills to serve and make things better.” – Nathalie Koenig, Common Good Programme Coordinator

“…my friendships with all my colleagues and for the relationships I have built with the students at NETwork. Just being able to learn from them and to hear their stories has been amazing. Hearing so many students testimonies of answers to prayers for jobs has been so encouraging!”-  Ncumisa Ngcaweni-Walker, NETwork trainer

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Grappling with Gratitude

By Lindsay Carlin

Take a moment and think of all the blessings you’ve received over the entire course of your life. Yes, your entire life. Go back, far back. You could even start with that award you received in primary school and move on from there. Perhaps to this blessings list you add the fact that you have a roof over your head to protect you from the winter rains, or food on the table every night. Maybe you have clothing to choose from in the morning, or a car that will get you to work on time. You may actually have a job to go to every day. If you’re blessed enough to have friends or family to share your life with, don’t forget to add them. I bet the list in your head is getting pretty long, because the simple truth is that most of us have many reasons to be grateful. Why then is being grateful just so hard at times?

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