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Care For The Teacher

For one afternoon on Thursday, 19 September, we swopped blackboards and marking pens for cupcakes and goodie bags to let the teachers at Garlandale Primary School know just how appreciated they are.

Teachers from Garlandale Primary and volunteers dress up for the photo booth

Teachers from Garlandale Primary and volunteers dress up for the photo booth

Without the teachers who guided us through our formative years, many of us wouldn’t be where we are today. Yet, sadly, teachers in South Africa often don’t get the recognition they deserve for the crucial work that they do, frequently under tough circumstances with limited resources at their disposal.

The teachers at Garlandale Primary School in Athlone, Cape Town, face numerous daily obstacles in educating their students, yet they remain dedicated to their task. With the end of the year approaching, we thought it was high time they took took a moment to relax and be pampered.

So the day before third term break-up, members of the Common Ground Rondebosch AM congregation gave over 20 teachers and governing body members from Garlandale a welcome respite from the admin of report-writing, Annual National Assessments, and general term-end craziness with an afternoon of entertainment and encouragement.


Garlandale teachers enjoying the afternoon

“Seeing two geographically close and yet socially very different groups of people all packed into a room and having a heap of fun together was such a heartwarming and encouraging experience,” said Ryan TerMorshuizen, lead pastor of the Common Ground Rondebosch AM congregation. “I know that the partnership is just starting but this event was a real launching pad for our relationships!”


“Care for the Teacher was an opportunity for our staff to move out of the perceived fear of forming new relationships outside of what you would normally, only to discover that all people are the same.” said Mr Fortune, the Garlandale Primary School principal.

The afternoon included singing by Charne and Kat from the Common Ground worship team, some fun input from Common Ground pastor Brad Anderson, and a message of heartwarming encouragement from Pam Berry.

“It was the most fun I’ve had in ages!” said one Garlandale teacher.

A team of volunteers from Rondebosch AM set up the venue, volunteers baked over 70 cupcakes and the Ladies Bible Study put together goodie bags to make sure that the teachers felt truly spoilt.


Pam Berry, Bev Draper and Delia Groenmeyer from Common Ground Church

“Since Care for the Teacher, coming to Garlandale is different,” said Bev Draper. “When meeting with staff in the corridors there’s a whole new level of connectedness. Now we know one another’s names and faces,”

Thank you to everyone who gave generously of their time and resources to make this event a success!

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