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EXPOSED: Stand Against Corruption

All you need to do is read the newspaper headlines to know that corruption is a very serious problem – but an exciting new campaign is giving us the chance to do something about it.


Many of us can probably admit to having climbed atop a proverbial soapbox at least once to voice our frustrations about corruption in our country, right? 

After all, South Africa is mired in corruption from the small time bribery happening in shady alleyways to the gross mishandling of public funds taking place in the top rungs of government. It’s everywhere and we feel we have a right to complain.

But what if, rather than just complaining to our friends and family, our voices could be used to help improve the situation? What if we could actually become a part of the solution?

EXPOSED 2013 is a global call to Christ-followers around the world to take a stand against corruption and challenge those institutions which oppress the poor.

On a local level, its an opportunity for us as South Africans to learn more about how we can actively participate in our democracy and add our voice to governance and policy decision-making.

On a global scale, it’s a chance for us to petition G20 leaders to agree on anti-corruption action at the summit in Australia next year.

The problem of corruption is sadly not one that is unique to South Africa. Every year, over $1 trillion goes missing worldwide due to bad governance, tax evasions, mismanagement, and illegal business practices.

EXPOSED aims “to position Christians as advocates of justice and transformation in the nations we are called to serve” (EXPOSED) and is hosted by a group of Christian organisations including the World Evangelical AllianceBible Society (UK) and American Bible SocietyMicah Challenge International and others.

“We want to bring together millions of Christians from all denominations to take a stand and unite against corruption, fighting for the poor,” says Dr. Dion Forster, the International Coordinator of EXPOSED. “Corruption is one of the greatest obstacles to dealing with extreme poverty and the campaign aims to mobilise Christians to join with wider society in exposing the practices which oppress the poor.”

So what are your next steps?

1. Sign the global call to action here

2. Follow the campaign on Facebook and on Twitter

3. Sign up to receive email notifications here

For more info, visit the EXPOSED website!

We’re excited about the platform this campaign provides for us to discuss how we can all help fight corruption in our country.

Over the next few months, we’ll be posting articles and reflections on what this could look like. Join us in this conversation! We’d love to hear your thoughts 🙂

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