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Let’s Care for Carers this Christmas

Tinsel in shop windows is just one tell tale sign that the festive season is upon us, but what if this year we took the focus off all the sparkly stuff and celebrated the people Jesus would want us to celebrate?

Carers - March '11 007

A carer from Westlake United Church Trust making a home visit to a client

The World makes much of the rich and famous, celebrating success, excess and triviality, but as Christ-followers, we need to ask, “Who would Jesus be hailing as the real heroes?”

Across Cape Town there are thousands of men and women who devote their lives to caring for the vulnerable, the elderly and the sick. What better way to celebrate Christ’s birth then by celebrating these unsung heroes who serve those in need in our City so sacrificially every day? 

On Saturday, 23 November, Common Ground Church will host our third annual Care for the Carer event. At the event 150 caregivers will be honoured and treated to inspirational talks, delicious snacks, gifts and entertainment.

Carers and volunteers at last year's event strike a pose in the fun photo booth

Carers and volunteers at last year’s event strike a pose in the fun photo booth

“This one pamper day means more to me than words could ever describe – I now know that I’m loved and cared for, and what I do as a carer is appreciated and noticed. I’m also so deeply moved to know that people from Common Ground Church are thinking of and praying for me,” says Veronica Weiers, a carer who has attended our two previous Care for the Carer events and who will be pampered at this year’s event again.

There are two main ways you can support this event:

1. Team up with your small group and purchase a gift bag for R120.

This will cover the cost for a carer to attend the event. Inside the bag, you’ll find the profile of your carer to help you pray for them, write them an encouraging card, and fill their gift bag with treats to the value of R100.

Your small group should be discussing the Care for the Carer gift bags this week, so why not chat to your small group leader or champ about how you can help get your group involved?

If you are stirred to purchase a separate bag from your small group, speak to your champ and visit the Common Ground Involvement Desk after the service on Sunday. All bags need to be returned to the Common Good involvement desk on Sun, 17 November.

2. You can also sign up to volunteer at the event.

You will need to be available to serve on Saturday, 23 November, from 10h00 to 12h30. You can volunteer as a member of the events team, as a table host, or as a driver (to transport carers to and from the venue).

Sign up at the Common Good Involvement Desk on Sunday, 3 November, or email us.

This is such a great way to serve those who give their lives in service to others.

Have you watched the Care for the Carer video?

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Show loveShow Love This Christmas

Care for the Carer is just one way to get involved in our ‘Show Love’ campaign! You can also purchase Give Hope gift cards which will support various Common Good initiatives.

These cards will be on sale at the Common Good Involvement Desk after Sunday meetings or from the Common Ground cafe during the week. For other ideas, pick up our Christmas PlugIn Sheet from the Common Good Involvement Desk. More updates to come!

Celebrating Cape Town’s Carers

If you’d peeked through the windows of the Common Ground Church venue in Rondebosch on Saturday, 15 September, you probably would’ve thought a grand celebration with a VIP-only invite list was in full swing – and you wouldn’t have been far from the truth! Although you probably wouldn’t have spotted the VIP’s at this event on the cover of any magazines that in no way detracts from their ‘Very Important’ status.

One hundred and sixty caregivers from six organisations across Cape Town gathered at our annual Care for the Carer event on Saturday, hosted by Common Ground Church. Every detail of the day – from the bouquets of spring flowers to the delicious sweet and savory snacks – was planned to make these men and women, who give so much of their lives to caring for Cape Town’s most vulnerable, feel spoiled and appreciated.

Entertainment included opera singer Glenville September, performances by Dance For All, and a marimba band from the Music Therapy Community Clinic, which got everyone swinging on the dance floor!

The carers also received words of heartfelt affirmation and encouragement from guest speakers Nathan Gernetsky, who serves on Common Ground Church’s Rondebosch AM leadership team, and Beverley Cortje-Alcock, who is a member of the Mayoral Committee of Cape Town.

It was a truly wonderful time where the unsung heroes of our city were reminded of just how valued and important they are to our society. Our hope is that they each walked away feeling truly loved and blessed by our community – and with bags full of goodies to continue their spoiling at home too, of course!

Thank you to all the Common Grounders who generously contributed to the great prize giveaways and the personalised goodie bags. We would also like to say a big thank you to the incredible team of 123 volunteers who helped drive, host, photograph and serve.

Organisations represented at the event were Living Hope, Little2Much, Izandla Zethemba, Christine Revell Children’s HomeWestlake United Church Trust, and Sisters Incorporated.

Visit our Facebook page here for more photos from the day! If you attended the event as a guest or as a volunteer, we would also love to hear your thoughts on the event. Post a comment below!

5 Great Gift Ideas for a Male Carer

There are hundreds of male carers in our city who lay down their lives daily to serve those in need. That makes them bona fide heroes in our book! But filling a gift bag for a male carer can be daunting task. Here are some of our suggestions to help you out:

1. An adventure magazine to help unwind





2. Biltong for a manly snack





3. A beanie for those chilly Spring mornings





4. After-shave to spruce up after a long day





5. A flashlight key-ring for those MacGyver moments





Do you have any other gift ideas for male carers? We’d love to hear them!

6 Great Gift Ideas for a Female Carer

Have you purchased your Care for the Carer gift bag yet? If you haven’t there’s still time – but it’s running out! We have 35 bags left so we suggest you make your way down rather speedily to the Common Ground Church office (23 Milner Road, Rondebosch) and get your hands on one.

If you’re new to the Care for the Carer (CFC) gift bag concept, here’s a quick breakdown: You purchase a CFC gift bag for R100. This will cover the cost for a carer to attend the CFC event on Sat, 15 Sept, where they’ll get spoiled and celebrated with treats and entertainment. In the bag, you’ll find a profile of your carer to help you fill the bag with gifts for them to the value of R80.

We understand that not all of us are natural-born shoppers, so here are some ideas to help  you make your carer feel special.

1. A coffee mug to take to work





2. A pretty scarf for Spring





3. A notebook to jot down dreams





4. Chocolates for an instant pick-me-up





5. Hand cream to care for tired hands





6. A magazine to enjoy in a quiet moment





Remember, all gift bags need to be returned either to the Common Good Involvement Desk this Sunday, or to the Common Ground Church office by Tues, 11 Sept.

Do you have any other gift ideas for female carers? Watch out for some ideas for male carers tomorrow!

Care for the Carer – Meet Xolile

I am 26 years old and live in the Gugulethu community. I am passionate about orphans and the underprivileged. I dream that South Africa would one day be a place where hope will be in everyone’s heart.

I work for Izandla Zethemba, an HIV/Aids support programme, and I decided to become a carer because I think it’s what God put in me. My work involves caring for orphans and vulnerable children infected and affected with HIV and AIDS and I mainly work in Tambo, Manenberg and Gugulethu. I have been a carer for 5 years now, and on a monthly basis I care for on average 40 teenagers.

When I visit clients I often feel positive, sad or happy.  Happy to be there, positive with the encouragement one will receive or give, but sad because of some of the situations I see.

The thing I love most about my work is… everything! The teens, the little ones, the families that I come across and the hope that I receive when I pour out my heart.

What I find most challenging about my work is when I’m not being able to fix every problem or situation for the people I face every day.

When I do have time to rest and relax I love to be alone in my wildest dreams and spend time with friends and loved ones.

Please could you pray that I know that my strength comes from the Lord and to be able to stand firm in troubled times.


Why not send Xolile some encouragement? Post a comment for him below! Watch out for the next carer profile coming out soon.

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