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5 Quick Links to Get Your Brain Ticking

Happy Monday! We hope you had a wonderful weekend. To get you back into the swing of things, here are some interesting stories and articles we’ve been reading…

1. Suffer the Little Children – An article on Child Gauge 2012 reveals what it’s like to be a child in South Africa

2. The Homeless World Cup – In case you missed it, here’s some of the action from earlier this month

3. Alf Kumalo’s History in Pictures – In honour of the acclaimed South African photographer who passed away today

4. What Does Justice Look Like? – How we can move from charity towards biblical justice

5. Would You Move into Hillbrow? – This family did! Follow their story

Have you read anything interesting lately? Please share it with us below…

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In the News: What We’re Reading

Every Monday morning, the Common Good team gathers around with mugs of tea, and (hopefully) a home-baked carrot cake, to share what news stories, blog posts and magazine articles we’ve found interesting over the last couple of days. And for the next 15 minutes, we discuss what’s been going on in our community, city, country, and beyond.

This time helps us put our ‘to-do’ lists down, stop checking emails, and gain some much-needed perspective. Some of the articles fill us with hope, some of them make us feel sad, whereas others make us sit up and pay attention to a particular issue. The stories and articles are diverse and inspire numerous feelings and thoughts, but by the end of this session we all go back to work with a better understanding of the world and how God wants to use us in it.

How does reading the news make you feel? Are there any articles you’ve read lately that really impacted you? Or inspired a strong emotion?

Below are some links to what we’ve been reading…

News articles:

1. SA man on Top 10 CNN Heroes list

2. Don’t short-change the poor

3. Service delivery protest march today

Opinion & Other:

1. The worries and the woes of the middle class

2.  What does justice look like?

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