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“Very tough and extremely humbling”

Here’s what three Common Grounders had to say after living on R10 a day for food for three days as part of the Live Under The Line challenge…

23384_10151376398550219_1919569962_n“Sitting and watching others eat amazing dishes was absolute torture, but it did make me realise how many people living so close to me are going to bed hungry – how many children in our city are going without dinner and how many parents are going without food to make sure that their children have at least something in their tummies. It can be so overwhelming to think about all the hardship around us, but I’ve learned that even the smallest input, whether it’s my time, money, resources or prayers, can help to make a difference. This challenge is one that will continue to change and shape the way I view my life and the lives of others. It was hard but I would sign up right now to do it again next year because I believe it’s a lesson that we should be teaching ourselves over and over again.” – Jocelyn Bartosch

943304_10152978569880720_1950582601_n“This year was the first time I attempted to Live Under The Line and to be honest I found it very tough and extremely humbling. I work in the construction industry and saw that what I ate over the last few days was pretty much the norm for many of my colleagues who are manual labourers. This hit home hard as I do no manual labour and I was struggling from the lack of nourishment. I had no energy, I was hungry and I had a headache. My colleagues who do manual labour all day never complain about feeling tired or hungry or having a headache. What was even more humbling was the fact that at any time I could just simply throw in the towel, walk across the street and buy myself something to eat and drink. This however is not an option for my colleagues or for 13 000 000 South Africans.This challenge has made me realise exactly how much God has blessed me and has challenged me to get more involved with social upliftment programmes.” – Brad van der Westhuizen

17101_10152169117095212_1164264679_n“The LUTL challenge has had a huge impact on my life. It’s helped me understand what the majority of our country goes through on a daily basis and the kinds of struggles they experience. Suddenly, when you are trying to work out the problem of how best to spend the little money you have, the smaller, selfish, insignificant struggles fall away showing you what’s really important. Instead of thinking with your mind about an issue, you get to feel it with your tummy. It’s amazing how that can affect one’s decisions. It’s definitely changed my outlook on poverty and it’s made it more real for me as opposed to it just being an issue we have to put up with.” – Samantha Tobias

What was your experience of LUTL like?

P.S. Other great LUTL reads: “My Live Under The Line Diary” by Phil Olckers and “What It Felt Like To Be Homeless” by Richard Bolland

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