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So who is TWD going to bless?

Human Rights Day may have come and gone but that doesn’t mean the TWD journey is over.

Having raised over R250 000  for Common Good’s education and employment initiatives, the truly exciting part starts now where we get to bless our city by empowering people with job readiness training, literacy tutoring, small business mentorship, early childhood development, maths coaching and high school tutoring – to name just a few.

The Paradigm Shift graduates strike a pose with their certificates.

The Paradigm Shift graduates strike a pose with their certificates.

Over the next few months, we’re going to be posting stories of how the funds raised from TWD are being used to improve the education and employment situation in Cape Town. To find out more about some of these initiatives now, read and click on the links below:

1. NETwork is a Common Good-birthed initiative that connects the unemployed with employment opportunities and offers job readiness training to prepare people for the working world. NETwork is a hub of opportunity providing people with a resource centre from which they can search for jobs, employment placement services that benefit both employees and employers, as well as offering English courses, computer training, and hospitality/waitering classes. We think it’s a rather special place.

– Read NETwork’s latest newsletter here

Graduates of NETwork's most recent Job Readiness programme

Graduates of NETwork’s most recent Job Readiness programme

2. Through our Literacy Initiatives children at under-resourced schools are given additional support to help them improve their reading and writing. These initiatives include:

  • The Letter Club, in partnership with Kewtown Primary in Athlone
  • Reading support, in partnership with Constantia Primary
  • Bedtime reading, in partnership with Christine Revell Children’s Home

– Click here to read a volunteer’s experience of tutoring at Kewtown Primary


3. Paradigm Shift is a programme where small business owners are given the opportunity to obtain formal business training, mentorship and discipleship. This programme specifically targets individuals who turn to entrepreneurship as a way out of poverty.

– Click here to read an article about our Paradigm Shift programme

This is just a taste of where some of the TWD funding will be going to support education and employment. Keep visiting for more stories in the coming weeks!

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