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A Day in the Life of a Superhero

Your eyes are not deceiving you! On Human Rights Day, Cape Town was the tourist destination of choice for superheroes. TWD activist (and closet superhero) Stephanie Purser tells us about her TWD Big Day…

Superheroes unite for a good cause

Superheroes unite for a good cause!

Thursday the 21st March was no ordinary day for a few ordinary people. On that day, we were superheroes! Dressed in our super-best outfits we took to the streets of Sea Point and began an ordinary round of putt-putt. Fellow players began to ask questions giving us the perfect opportunity to share the idea behind the TWD campaign. The day was a scorcher and the vibe was great! In the end it was Batman who won the challenge.

From putt-putt we took a stroll to the “Hop On Hop Off Buses” pick-up point. And I say ‘stroll’ as the idea of the day was to do something different… and we all know that superheroes don’t usually walk. So we were being very different indeed.

Superheroes take their job of saving the world very seriously

Superheroes take their job of saving the world seriously

We had flyers printed for the day (granted, there was a spelling error and the point of the campaign was to raise funds for education – facepalm), but it was another great way that we could give the campaign some exposure.

We got off at the first stop at the V&A Waterfront for some lunch at Ferryman’s. But first Philip and Rachel decided now was a good time to buy some beloved Nespresso for their morning coffee (even heroes needs a cuppa Joe in the morning). We took advantage of the moment to take some silly photos.


The buses went through town, up to the cable car station then down to Camps Bay (where we stopped for some Sinful ice-cream) and back. It was an awesome way to learn more about our beautiful city while spreading the news of TWD and just hanging as friends.

Overall the day was a success… 2 hours longer than anticipated with funky sunburn lines, but it was definitely a WIN!! Looking forward to more crazy ideas next year!

Thanks to City Sightseeing South Africa for sponsoring bus tickets!

Thanks to City Sightseeing South Africa for sponsoring bus tickets for these TWD heroes!

Thank you to City Sight Seeing Cape Town and Michael Currin Photography for the support.

Do you have a TWD story? Send it to us at!

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