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Your TWD Survival Kit

Photograph by John Sherry, coordinator of the TWD challenge, Beach Writing, which took place on Sunday

Photograph by TWD activist John Sherry, coordinator of “Beach Writing”, which took place on Sunday as an early TWD challenge. Learn more about their day here!

Cape Town doesn’t know what’s going to hit it in less than 48 hours… No, it’s not an asteroid. It’s TWD. The campaign with a heart for making a difference by doing something different. Are you ready?

We’ve put together your TWD survival guide:

1. Doc Martens, a plaid shirt, or some equally 90’s item of clothing to wear to the TWD launch party happening on Wednesday, 20 March at 7pm at the River Club in Observatory. Tickets are R50 and 100% goes to TWD.

2. Your camera or phone to snap photos of any crazy activists you might spot out and about. (Share them with us on our Facebook page!)

3. Running shoes, a paddle, pyjamas, high heels, a helmet, a superhero cape, nail polish, a first aid kit  – or anything else you might need to complete a challenge.

4. Sunscreen and water to keep hydrated. It’s gonna be a scorcher.

5. Your thumb pointed upwards. Not to the side as you might get picked up as a hitchhiker then.

Thank you so much to everyone who is taking part on Thursday! We hope this survival guide sees you successfully through to the end of the TWD Big Day.

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One thought on “Your TWD Survival Kit

  1. Zalina on said:

    Hi! My name is Zalina and I am in 10th grade, I was wondering if you could help me with one of my history homework questions, the question is To what degree has a commitment to social justice been significant in creating Canada today? (based on economic inequality) If you can help , please email me!

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