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Do Something Different, Make a Difference

Photo Credit: Eneas via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: Eneas via Compfight cc

Do you want to do something to make a difference this Human Rights Day? Then get involved in TWD, a campaign to raise funds for our education and employment initiatives in the city of Cape Town.

For some, the idea of flying solo as an individual activist may be a little bit too daunting, which is why the TWD team has made it really easy for everyone to get involved! If you’ve already tried all the conventional methods of trying to think up an idea (like eating cheese before going to bed or reading the entire Encyclopedia Britannica) but that gem is still eluding you – why not join a TWD team challenge?

There are a number of TWD activists who have planned group activities that you can join. Ever wanted to see firsthand the look on people’s faces when they realize that they’re right in the middle of a flashmob? Join the ‘Dance Break Flashmob’. Ever thought you could win an amazing race? Join ‘The Amazing Race with a Difference’. Or perhaps you’ve always wanted to dress up as your favourite superhero but just never had the excuse? Well now you do with ‘A Day in the Life of a Closet Superhero’! With an ever-growing list of challenges to choose from you’re bound to find something right up your alley! For a full list of all the available TWD Team Challenges click here.

Joining a TWD team challenge is easy. Just visit the SUPPORT A CHALLENGE page on the TWD website and follow the instructions. Then, on 21 March 2013, conquer your TWD team challenge with your fellow activists! When it’s this easy, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be doing something different to make a difference, right?

For more information on TWD and other ways to get involved visit

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