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Response to Khayelitsha Fires


On New Year’s Day, four thousand people lost their homes when a fire broke out in the informal settlements of Khayelitsha and Thembeni.  These communities had little in terms of infrastructure to protect them from the blaze and within a couple of hours, hundreds of families were left without shelter, clothing, food, or any basic supplies to survive. While the duration of the fire was relatively brief, the devastation it caused deeply affected those whose homes and possessions were destroyed.

When something of this magnitude happens right on our doorstep, it’s often hard to know how to respond to the overwhelming need. As Christ-followers, we are compelled by Christ’s love to care for the physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being of our neighbours. We sent  out an appeal for donations from our church community and we were overwhelmed by the response.

Over R17 200 was donated to help in restoring the fire-affected communities and more than two truck loads of clothes were given. The clothes have been distributed to those affected through HDI Support and the money raised has gone to The Warehouse to be used through their fire disaster response. Thank you to everyone who contributed so generously.

For the people who lost their homes the process of rebuilding their community is going to be a long one. We ask that you continue to pray for all those involved, that they will feel Christ’s presence and that they will be sustained by his hope. We also ask that you pray for wisdom and guidance as decision-makers begin to decide how to restore these areas. We pray for protection over all those who have been made vulnerable by this fire and for a continued flow of resources to meet their daily needs.

Please contact The Warehouse if you would like more information on how you can get involved.

(Photograph courtesy of IOL News)


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