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Feedback from a Paradigm Shift student

This week, we’re going to be sharing feedback from some of our initiatives! Today, we hear from Adele, a small business owner who has been attending our Paradigm Shift business training and discipleship course, hosted at the Common Ground Wynberg venue every week for the past 9 weeks… So what did she think of the course?

Here’s what other Paradigm Shift students had to say:

“I never used to read the bible or pray in a group. But this programme boosted my spirit, vision, faith, taught me to be a man of character who sets his own goals, and tackles every problem with prayer. I have learnt to save and respect the little money I get for it comes by God’s grace. Thanks to Paradigm Shift I now know that God is almighty. I have found direction. In God I trust.” – Mafaro

“This programme is awesome, thank you to all the volunteers that have given their time to us. When I first saw the advert in the community paper I was immediately drawn to it, looking back now and having now learnt about the Holy Spirit, I can see that He lead me here. The course is wonderful, because it not only teaches you about business but also about the spiritual side and how it can impact your business interactions. This course has truly given me food for thought and direction, something I prayed for a while ago. Thank you very much!” – Silvana

“This was a really great course I must say. Before this my business was dead. Now my business ideas are alive again and I’m reinspired to start anew and this time to do things properly but most important with the help of my lord Jesus Christ and to apply Godly principles too every sector of my business.” – Terence

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