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Photo of the Month: Child-like Prayer

“On a recent assignment out in the rural areas of St. Lucia, KZN, I stopped in at a local school to photograph their awareness of indigenous trees. On arrival at the school it was assembly time and I came across a very heart-warming experience. Around 400 school children were saying their daily prayer, but there was something different about this everyday morning prayer. Each child was praying from their heart and with all their might.

“Recently, I have been reading how we should come to God in prayer as a child and this picture really spoke to me about what that really means. It was not only the words of the prayer but the emotions on the children’s faces: complete faith, belief, trust and focus on who they were praying to. Looking back at this photo, I felt so humbled to pray to God like a child, with all my heart and with all my might!” – Em Gatland

– Em Gatland is a photographer based in Kwa-Zulu Natal. To view more photos from her trip to St. Lucia, click here.

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