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Photo of the Month (September)

Photograph by Margie Jansen

“This photo is of a group of children – mostly siblings and cousins – who live in the very rural community of Belfast near the Kruger Park. The tap is adjacent to an RDP home where I did a ‘community stay’ with Thuli and her brother Sipho, who are both orphaned. The water story is interesting. The tap in the photo is linked to a big JoJo tank which is filled every month by the local government. Every month, a big truck pulls up and fills the tank. People queue with 25 litre containers to fill straight from the truck. It’s an exceptionally dry area, more so than White River which is about 80km away. When I was there, there were frequent protests, sometimes violent, when the community their anger about infrequent water delivery.” – Margie Jansen

– Margie is the coordinator of Micah Challenge South Africa, a national campaign that aims to promote maternal and child health and to mobilise the Church to keep our leaders accountable to their promises. Follow Margie on her blog,

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