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Care for the Carer – Meet Nomisile

My name is Nomisile Doreen Majiya and I’m 52 years old. I have five children and live in Masiphumelele. I am passionate about health, the rights of the elderly, education, and evangelism.

I dream that South Africa would one day be a place where everyone would serve the Lord,  there would be no violence, everyone would live in proper houses and no one would have to suffer from HIV/Aids.

I work for Living Hope and I’ve been a carer for nine years. On a monthly basis, I care for 120 disabled, sick and elderly people.

I decided to become a carer to work in my community because I saw the need and I wanted to give back to my community. Also because of sharing the gospel. I love it. I need to share Christ to people and I need more time to minister to people.

When I visit my clients it’s not easy though. By God’s grace, I pray every morning and do devotions, as it helps me to face the challenges and conditions of my clients.

What I love most about my work is the people, chatting with my clients, praying and devotions. The training they offer us has also grown my knowledge.

What I find most challenging about my work is when I see more problems. For example, when clients don’t have food, a house to live in,  or they have serious family problems. This makes me pray for them.

When I do have time to rest and relax, I read, exercise, listen to music, eat out, and watch TV. I love dancing. I can dance anywhere! I love to visit people after work, going to my cell groups.

Please could you pray for my children to come back to Christ. I want to carry on with ministry. I’m supposed to be an evangelist. I am at Bible school. I need to carry on and pray that I can pass.


Throughout the Care for the Carer campaign, we will be posting carer’s stories on our blog. On Thursday, we will meet Xolile from Izandla Zethemba and find out about his work in Gugulethu.

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One thought on “Care for the Carer – Meet Nomisile

  1. Thank you Nomisile, you and your colleagues are the glue o!f our society

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