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Mid-week round up

Photo courtesy of Cari Ann Wayman via

Thought the internet was only capable of dishing out celeb gossip and Tweets? Think again. We scoured cyber-space to find only the most inspiring, thought-provoking and encouraging news, photos and links out there… Enjoy!

Meet a Cape Town-based artist using wall murals to spread hope.

This is one sign we’d love to see on the streets of Cape Town.

Are you paying your domestic worker enough? Do the maths.

The danger of only telling a single story (video).

Some comedic relief.

Must-read: “I just want to belong”.

Is there anything you’ve seen or read this week that’s inspired you?

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2 thoughts on “Mid-week round up

  1. Nicola on said:

    I have been inspired to read more GOOD books this week. I get so busy in the day to day rat race that I haven’t been reading much. I find reading a great way to expand my understanding of the world, of God and of other people.

  2. Beth on said:

    This video is pretty inspiring!
    Thanks for this article. I enjoyed it 🙂

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